Management Services


Assist in formation and implementation of new Board Members.


Advise the Board of Directors.


Serve as primary contact for homeowners as well as the Board of Directors.


Assist the Board of Directors in creating / updating / enforcing the Rules and Regulations and/or Declaration and By-Laws for your Association; including a fool-proof plan to decrease the number of rentals in your Association.


Facilitate move-in / out.


Attend to Board meetings.


Prepare and fill out Condominium Questionnaires, 22.1 Disclosures and Paid Assessment Letters for sales, refinances, and prospective buyers (at a cost to the seller).


Visit the property at least monthly for a general building / grounds inspection.


Ensure that all fire extinguishers, elevators, backflow prevention devices, boilers, and alarm / sprinkler systems are tested annually.


File IL Annual Report (if applicable) on time.


Liaison with the Secretary of State in order to maintain your Condominium Association’s corporate status (if applicable).


Work with local municipality to keep up with ever-changing codes and ordinances.


Review your current insurance policy (as well as all future renewals) and recommend an insurance plan that is right for your Association.  We have also created our own habitational programs with one of the largest insurance agencies in the Midwest as well as the world’s largest, privately owned, independent insurance broker.


Negotiate vendor contracts.


Solicit and compile quotes for repair/improvement projects to make sure you get quality service at the best price.


Supervise maintenance personnel/contractors to ensure quality of service.


Assist in the development of a maintenance and emergency plan for the Association.


Provide the Association with a 24/7 emergency contact line.


Financial Services


Utility Services


Technology Services