We provide a level of customer service unmatched by other companies in the industry. 

Broad Shoulders Management was created with a mission to raise the level of service and responsiveness in the property management industry.

We use a blend of technology and hands-on management to cater to your association’s needs.

We provide an action-oriented and responsive approach to management by giving every association their manager’s cell phone number, e-mail address, and a 24-hour emergency contact number.

Your association can use our website as a medium for posting meeting minutes, rules & regulations, Declarations, By-Laws, insurance information, budgets, contact information, and much more!

Board members have 24/7 access to the association’s financial information, and all unit owners have 24/7 access to their account information via our website.

We provide you with an array of different ways to pay your assessments.  You can pay them online, over the phone, send in a check, or even have them automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

After being in the building/development industry for over 20 years, we have made some amazing contacts and have long lasting relationships with vendors who bend over backwards for us.

There is no building too big or too small for us to manage.  From three-flats to sky scraping behemoths, townhouses to parking lots; our management services are available to everyone.


What exactly does Broad Shoulders Management do for your Association?

We pay all your bills!

We collect all assessments and enforce any late fees as outlined by your Declarations and By-Laws.

We will help the board create/update/enforce the Rules and Regulations for your Association.

We have worked with W. J. Kamm & Sons Insurance Agency to develop our very own insurance plan which can pass colossal savings on to you, while improving your coverage at the same time.

We will prepare your annual budget and financial report.

Someone from our staff will visit your property for a general building/grounds inspection.

We supervise all maintenance personnel/contractors.

We solicit and compile quotes for repair/improvement projects to make sure you get the best price.

We ensure that all fire extinguishers, elevators, backflow prevention devices, boilers, and alarm/sprinkler systems are tested on an annual basis.

We will attend to your board meetings.

We make sure that your Illinois Annual Report is filed on time.

We make sure that your refuse rebate is filed on time (if applicable).

We can develop a plan to decrease your utility bills (gas, electric, water).